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Introducing: Music Mondays!

18 Jul

Music has always been near and dear to my heart! Some of my earliest memories from childhood include listening to classical music with my parents, having the smooth voice of Mr. Sinatra lull me to sleep, and singing along to the country classics of Patsy Cline. My music taste is literally all over the place; you name it and I probably love it! Nowadays, I do most of my listening at the gym — I find it to be the perfect place where I can simultaneously enjoy the music I am listening to and have the music help me push through my workout. With about 6,000 songs currently sittin’ pretty in my iTunes, I often look forward to rocking out to a new playlist each time I hit the gym.

Because I’ve always found that having new songs to download, or simply having a new playlist of old favorites, makes me more motivated to get my workout on… I thought it would be fun to start a new tradition where every Monday I share one of my playlists with you! If you are someone like me, who literally refuses to workout without some sort of sound infiltrating your ears, then I sincerely hope that you will scroll to the bottom of this post and enjoy these fast paced beats during your next workout!

Now, to get back to my day, I didn’t wake up until about noon… which was the perfect excuse for one of my favorite meals: brunch! I whipped up 3 egg-whites and toasted a delicious whole grain roll. Since I’m a huge fan of flavor in general, and the biggest sucker for anything spicy… I obviously took it upon myself to add a little kick to my eggs. Egg-whites are way too boring to be eaten as is, so when they were almost done cooking in the pan I sprinkled in a bit (okay, a lot) of cayenne pepper, some garlic and onion powder, as well as a little oregano to give those babies some much needed flavor. I prefer to add my spices in the pan, rather than once my eggs are on the roll, so that the spices end up more evenly distributed and I end up getting a better bite-to-flavor ratio!

I didn’t make it to the gym until around 9:15pm today, since I spent the majority of my day doing lots and lots of LSAT problems. I actually enjoy going to the gym later in the day, since I find that’s when I naturally have the most energy — and I also don’t mind that the gym is more crowded during those hours. Hello, people watching! I did a 50-minute pyramid interval workout on the elliptical that I sort of made up as I went along, followed by an abs circuit. I ended up kinda having fun with my cardio today, and the intervals made the time fly by — always a plus. I’m hoping sometime this week to start writing out in detail some of my workouts so that I can share those with you as well, but for now, I’m off to read some of the new issue of Cosmo that finally found its way into my mailbox this afternoon. I’m so excited to see Kim on the cover! I’ll leave you all with a little secret — I’m kind of convinced I was a Kardashian in another life. Don’t judge, and enjoy the playlist!

Is listening to music while working out a must for you? And, if so, what is your favorite kind of music to get you through a work out?

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More About Me

10 Jul

I was born and raised in New York City and I am the proud – and only – daughter of two very wonderful parents. My parents are the ones who have paved the way for my life, the ones who have given me everything – both literally and figuratively. I’ve attended private school all my life; Montessori school from pre-k until 2nd grade, plain ole’-private school from 3rd grade until 8th grade, a Catholic high school, and a private university for college. My education is something I have always taken extremely seriously, and that still holds true as I am approaching my senior year in college with hopes of attending law school in the fall of 2012. I am an extremely hard worker and a dedicated student who expects nothing but the best for myself.

Yikes all that – while being totally true – kind of makes me sound all serious and boring – which I can promise you I am not! Okay, okay I may be serious at times; but I like it that way. One of my favorite things about my life is its balance of being both serious-and-fun. First, I cannot express how much I love and value all my friendships – whether it be with my best friend from pre-k, or my best friends from college – there are few things I love more than spending time with all of them. And, when it comes to spending time with my friends there is nothing more I love than being able to go out and have a fantastic time with them!

So while we are at it, this is kind of getting into what a girly-girl I am. Makeup; check, clothes; check, boy-crazy; check, celebrities; check; pink; check. But, while Britney Spears may be one of my favorite artists, like, ever, Radiohead is my other. And, while Legally Blonde is my all time favorite movie (and maybe partly the reason why I decided I first wanted to go to law school at age thirteen), Pulp Fiction is my other. So, yeah, though I definitely am a self-proclaimed-and-proud girl’s girl, you will also quickly realize that I have quite an eclectic taste when it comes to all things pop-culture.

I also am a fitness-fanatic. I began playing tennis when I was only three years old, joined my first travel-soccer team at age seven, and was a competitive rower all through high school up until my sophomore year in college. Now, I just consider myself to be a former-athlete who is a current gym-rat. On average, I work out six days a week with a combination of cardio and strength training. I also love, love, love food, and have a passion for eating in general – but mostly for eating healthy. Did I mention I love to eat? Anyway, I combine both my previously acquired knowledge of fitness and health from my days as a competitive athlete with my more current knowledge acquired from the slew of fitness blogs and health magazines that I religiously read.

Speaking of things I read religiously – oh I guess Cosmo should be included here too – the news and all things politics are definitely up there. I always like to know what is going in the world, and I have a genuine love for all things political.

So, basically, I have laid out this framework of who I am in an effort for you to better understand why I’ll be writing about what I’m writing – because, as I already mentioned this blog will be about my life (aka details about all the aforementioned things I’ve discussed in this post).  So consider yourself warned – and get ready for lots of rambling about fitness, food, fun, the pursuit of law school, and whatever else happens to come to my mind!